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SecuFast® Security Fasteners and the associated, perfectly suited tools are made to prevent vandalism and theft. They therefore guarantee you an additional form of safety and security. You can choose from a large number of unique recesses, each with their own specific characteristics.

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Seclock is part of mobile DJ tables

door: Martin Blaauw - 13 December 2017

Who does not know them? Dutch DJs touring all over the world and attract full stadiums. Thousands of people in big stadiums around the world are going crazy over Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, DJ Tiesto, Afrojack and Hardwell. And we are not even talking about the Hardstyle / Hardcore festivals...


Barcelona as its safest

door: Hans Tangenberg - 4 July 2016

Last month, I went on a city break to Barcelona with a group of friends. A beautiful city, great food and drinks. The tapas and pinchos were especially delicious. These are typical Catalan dishes. And of course there were great wines. We were happy to be taking the underground.

News that does not concern you

door: Annemarie van Vondelen - 18 March 2016

Well, it depends on how you see it. I am not ashamed to say, with an appropriate amount of pride, that I am quite pleased with the result that you are seeing (on your tablet or PC). By that I mean our SecuFast website. I am purposefully not saying our "new" website. The media shows that it is...

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