About us

SecuFast is a business unit of Peco Douwes BV. The product line SecuFast Security Fasteners has existed for over 35 years and has its own identity within our organisation. SecuFast® is a registrated trademark of Peco Douwes BV.

Our SecuFast team consists of professionals with knowledge of fastening technology. Over the years we have built up a lot of experience and know-how in this specialist branch and we are a leading supplier within the European market in the field of security fasteners. We are constantly looking for high quality products and follow developments and trends closely. This way we are able to give a thorough advice in your application, where safety and security is essential.

Our three focus points: Specials, Fast delivery and Flexibility.

Of course you can contact us for the standard safety screw. Our stock makes it possible to deliver them quickly. What we really excel in are the specials. Where the screw deviates slightly from the standard, it is a challenge for us to deliver it to you quickly, in small quantities or otherwise. Our relatively small order units (per 100 pieces) enable you to purchase flexibly and manage your stocks efficiently. We like to think along with you and respond to your needs. Meanwhile, our customer base has grown to >40 countries within and outside Europe. For the North American markets we work together with an American business partner. This also enables us to supply fasteners in Europe according to American standards.